How Far Away Are Archery Targets?

How Far Away Are Archery Targets?

In this image, it includes participants for the summer Olympic Games practicing their shots at the targets. The targets in this picture are the regulation length away from the shooters. The bows that these athletes use are very advanced and most likely customized in order to fit each athlete perfectly. These are the best of the best arrows and likely are some of the most expensive you could find.

Olympic Archery Distance

77 yards / 70 meters away

Beginner Archery Distance

5-77 yards from target

Outdoor Field Archery Distance

10-80 yards

Indoor Archery Distance

20 yards

There are many distances at which an archer could place a target when competing or just practicing. Depending on the person the target could be placed as close as five yards away from the archer all the way up to 77 yards away. It all depends on the experience of the archer as well as the skill that they have. For beginner archers as well as young children, the suggested distance for the target is approximately five yards away from the archer. When competing in indoor competitions, the recommended target distance for beginners in 20 yards away but competitors can also place the target as far as 32 yards away from them. These distances seem very far when thinking about it but these distances are nothing compared to the distances that are used by Olympic and expert level archers. In the Olympics and expert level competitions the appropriate target distance is a whopping 77 yards away, or 70 meters. The distances used also vary depending on the level and specific type of archery being played. For example for field archery, the distances are different depending on the location. Outdoor field archery uses distances anywhere from 10 to 80 yards while indoor field archery use a target distance of 20 yards during their competition. Since field archery is supposed to simulate hunting situations, the target distances are changed throughout the competition in order to simulate many different situations. The other type of archery is called target archery and is the one that is the most popular and well known. Target archery is the name of the type of archery that is played in the Olympics. The target distance for this type of archery was explained before to be about 77 yards away from the archer.