Archery Equipment List

What equipment is needed to play Archery? Here's a list of things you need to play Archery. Get ready to learn about the best gear players and coaches need to play Archery.

Archery Equipment

Archery is a team and individual sport in which competitors use bows to shoot arrows at targets. Archery dates very far back in terms of human history, with humans in ancient times using it for sport and hunting. Archery is performed by loading an arrow into the bow and releasing it at a target, earning a better score for being closer to the center of the target.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Archery is the only sport that requires a bow and arrow, as well as any of their accompanying accessories. Unlike other target sports that rely on guns or human arms to launch projectiles, archers use the tension of the bowstrings to force the arrow into a target.

There are many additional items that professional archers use to improve their bows and arrows. These accessories are not absolutely necessary, but they can help an archer shoot more accurately and organize their materials. It should be noted that most professional archery competitions will require standardized equipment to ensure fairness.

Bow, Arrow, and Quivers

The basic equipment of archery includes one bow and multiple arrows per person, as well as targets while shooting the arrows. The arrows are stored in a quiver or arrow case.


Many props can be added to a standard bow and arrow to help the shooter to be more accurate and useful with their bow and arrows. These include arm guards, arrow cases, arrow pullers, arrow rests, unique clothing, finger tabs, kisser buttons, peep sights, releases, shooting gloves, sights, speed studs, spotting scopes, stabilizer rods, or vibration dampeners.


Archers also use a variety of applicants to keep their bow and arrows running smoothly, such as arrow lube, bow lube, and string wax.


A quiver is used to store arrows while shooting, but professional archers use arrow cases and bow slings to transport their materials between competitions.

Equipment List

Here is a list of equipment you'll need in archery:

  • arm guards
  • arrow cases
  • arrow lube
  • arrow pullers
  • arrow rests
  • arrow shaft
  • arrow tips
  • arrows
  • bow lube
  • bow slings
  • bows
  • clothing
  • finger tabs
  • fletchings
  • kisser buttons
  • peep sights
  • quivers
  • releases
  • shooting gloves
  • sights
  • speed studs
  • spotting scopes
  • stabilizer rods
  • string wax
  • targets
  • vibration dampeners

The Essentials

The bow and arrow are the two most critical pieces of archery equipment. It is impossible to compete in archery without a bow and arrows. However, archers may need much more equipment to optimize the performance, maintenance, and transportation of their bows and arrows.

Equipment Cost

As with most sports equipment, the higher the quality equipment you buy, the more expensive it is. Archery bows are usually the most expensive equipment required, and those typically range from $80-200 (although higher-end models can go up into the $300 range). Arrows can be found for $10-15, but high-quality ones are around $30-80.

Archery accessories can add up to be very expensive. Smaller, simpler items include such as peep sights, strings, finger tabs, and vibration dampeners can be found for less than $10. Other items like releases, spotting scopes, and quivers can draw anywhere from $20 to over $100, depending on brand and quality.

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