Archery Basic Rules For Kids

Archery Basic Rules For Kids

Archery Rules

Safety is the most important rule when practicing archery!

Always aim towards the target, never at anyone else.

Always wear proper protective gear, an arm brace, and shooting gloves.

Arm braces are usually made of material that can take the slapping of a bow string, like leather or reinforced materials that have metal in them.

Shooting gloves cover the fingers to keep the repeated pressure of the bow string from injuring the hand.

Know which eye you will be shooting with! It will improve your shooting if you aim with your dominant eye.

The dominant eye is the eye where sight does not change when closing the other eye.

Sight picture is what you see when you look through the sight on a bow or gun.

Use the appropriate length and type of bow size!

There are two main types of bows to be shot, especially for beginners: recurve and compound.

Compound bows use pulleys to make the draw easier and still get more power into the shot, recurve bows bend. The more you draw it back, the harder it is to draw.

Using the appropriate bow for your size means you get the farthest arrow with the least amount of effort.