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What is aquatics?

Aquatics does not refer to just one sport or game, but rather it emcompasses a whole lot of different sports with one common characteristic: they are practiced in the water. That way, sports such as swimming, water polo, wakeboarding, and surfing can all be considered aquatic sports, since they all involve water bodies in some way. That way, if you like to be in the water, there are a whole lot of aquatic sports that you can choose to practice.

Besides being fun to watch, aquatics sports are also great to practice. There is nothing better than hoping into the sea or on a pool on a hot summer day, and aquatics make that into a sport! Other than that, aquatics are a great way to be healthy, as those sports work many muscles while also working on aerobics.


During the Olympic Games, "aquatics"is used to refer to a specific group of sports: swimming, water polo, diving, artistic swimming, and marathon swimming. Those are called the aquatics events, although there are other sports involving water such as rowing and more recently surfing. Apart from the swimming marathon, aquatics events in the Olympics often take place in the same venue, an aquatics center. Swimming is one of the most traditional aquatics sports, as it is the purest and most simple form of competition, athletes racing each other in the pool. From swimming came out some of the biggest Olympic legends in history, such as Mark Spitz, Michael Phelps, and Greg Louganis.

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