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At Rookie Road we create quality and reliable educational content about sports. We are passionate about motivating people to learn something new.

About Rookie Road

Sports are at the heart of our society. They break down the walls of race and culture uniting the human race. Emulating nature, sports thrive on two basic evolutionary traits: competition and survival of the fittest. It becomes apparent later in life that not everyone is destined to run the 100m dash in under 10 seconds or hurl a spherical cork wound with yarn down home plate at 100mph. But the athletes are nothing without their most important asset (you!). Without the fans, sports cannot exist.

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Let's face it, not everyone is born a sports fan. Some of us lack the interest or the raw passion and determination to learn. Others grow up without the luxury of a parent or friend generous enough to teach them the basics of a national pastime. The sports industry further complicates the situation by imposing barriers to entry with the rules, lingo, and forever-changing landscape. Sports have become something you're just "expected to know". Here at Rookie Road, we don't accept that.

Before my team and I built Rookie Road, I couldn't hold a conversation about sports and I had trouble understanding the basics. It was embarrassing and I felt that I was constantly being judged for not knowing something that I should. I was never interested in sports, so I didn't grow up a sports fan. I decided to teach myself the basics, creating the content and vision of the product you see today. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

-Doug Gursha, Founder + Chief Product Officer @RookieRoad

Founder's Story

Doug Gursha studied at the Universtiy of Michigan for Engineering Computer Science. He loves building things that he's passionate about. Now, he is a "sports rookie" gone "pro". He tried learning sports by watching TV, reading books, asking his friends for help, and browsing the Internet. Out of all the available options, there was no easy way to become a new sports fan. Doug began creating his own content to break down the thousands of complex rules, concepts, and lingo in sports. Of his many qualifications... he has read the rulebooks from front to back. Doug is the founder and head of product at Rookie Road Inc.

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