Our Mission

To create high quality content and educate the world on the rules of sports.

About Us

For many people, sports have become something that you’re just expected to know. However, Doug Gursha, founder and chief product officer of Rookie Road, wanted to change the playing field. After getting to college, Doug felt embarrassed by his lack of knowledge of the sports that were going on around him. Realizing that he wasn’t alone in his frustration, Doug created content that broke down the complex rules, concepts, and lingo of sports into easy to understand tutorials. His initial tutorials laid the foundation for the educational tool you see today, and he hopes that Rookie Road continues to help those who, like him, never had the opportunity to learn the basics of sports.

Our Leadership

Mike Gursha CEO Rookie Road

Mike Gursha

Chief Executive Officer

"Whether you are looking for an explainer on offsides or want to learn the rules of a sport from the ground up, Rookie Road is here to help. We go to work every day excited by the idea of helping you learn sports. We hope you enjoy using our product as much as we've enjoyed building it!"

Doug Gursha

Founder & Chief Product Officer

"I never understood sports. I taught myself how to be a fan by reading the rulebooks and searching everywhere for good content. It was hard. Let me save you some time."

Doug Gursha Founder Rookie Road

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